When you lose a brother or sister your whole world changes - your grasp on the past, your experience of the present and your hopes for the future.

Your grief becomes a part of you, but bereaved siblings are often forgotten by society. So this site has been created especially for bereaved siblings to connect you with others, offer you support and friendship and provide a space where you can honour your sibling.

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Grief Quotes

The following excerpts are taken from novels which include some touching insights into the experience of grief and bereavement. We will be posting more quotes over upcoming days and weeks. Do you have some quotes or excerpts that have particularly resonated with you? Please feel welcome to share.


The heavens opened up
and a star came falling down.
I followed with my eyes
and even found it on the ground.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: extreme winter blues

Written by Alexandra Gee

The winter months can be a difficult time. A drop in temperature can leave you vulnerable to a drop in mood. For most of us winter can trigger wanting to stay in bed, eat comfort food & not go out. When you add grief into the mix it can be even more dangerous.

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